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World Water Week

From The Green Blog Network


Courtesy of Stockholm International Water Institute

World Water Week - Green Blog Network

On the Water Front vol. 2 presents new analysis from global thought-leaders

New edition features 14 essays on water and water quality issues that build upon research presented at the 2010 World Water Week in Stockholm. 

On the Water Front vol. 2 offers a collection of the most innovative and important insights on water and water quality presented at the 2010 World Water Week in Stockholm. This compendium is a must-read for those interested in the latest knowledge, tools and strategies to resolve the planet’s most pressing water quality challenges.

World Water Week Announcement - Green Blog Network

Each of its chapters are authored by leading luminaries from science, business, and public policy and build upon research presented at the 2010 World Water Week in Stockholm, includingStockholm Water Prize Laureates Dr. Rita Colwell and Prof. Takashi Asano and have been edited and peer reviewed by the World Water Week Scientific Programme Committee.

Download it here to gain knowledge on how the public health sector will be impacted by climate change, the most potent policy cocktails to protect coastal waters, the best-practice solutions to wastewater reclamation and reuse, what the potential onset of peak water and peak phosphorus could mean to humanity, new ideas to mitigate the growing dangers of chemical and agricultural pollution to human and environmental health, and much more.



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Produced By Conference – 2,200 Attendees And Over 300 Film Commissions


Greening Hollywood TV
  • Producer, Lauren Shuler Donner and PGA President Emeritus and PBC Co-Chair, Marshall Herskovitz at the Opening Night Kick-Off Party Photo Credit: Jordan Strauss
  • Signage from the third annual Produced By Conference Photo Credit: Jordan Strauss

For the first time, the 2011 PBC brought acclaimed producers and industry veterans along with hundreds of film commissions together to interact with an astonishing number of participants—more than double the number of attendees from last year’s PBC. With speakers like Harvey Weinstein, Lawrence Gordon, Kevin Smith, Mark Gordon, Darren Star, Robert Greenblatt, Tim Gibbons and many more, over 100 masters of their craft shared their expertise as attendees were endlessly inspired throughout the two-day celebration. In addition to riveting panel sessions and conversations, attendees were delighted with the unique exposure and interaction with film commission exhibitions from around the globe spread throughout the Disney lot.



  • Moderator Richard Gladstein with featured PBC speakersAlbert Berger, Todd Black, Donald De Line, Steve Golin and Cathy Schulman discuss the “Evolving Role of the Creative Producer” Photo Credit: Jordan Strauss

Reaching across film, television and new media industries, the annual Produced By Conference is an educational forum that involves acclaimed producers, including countless Academy Award®-winning filmmakers and Emmy Award® winners, as well as the next generation of creative entrepreneurs. The AFCI Locations Show is an annual gathering of film commissions from around the globe representing over $2 billion in financing and incentives. The PBC event was chaired by Marshall Herskovitz, Gale Anne Hurd and Rachel Klein. Further information on this year’s event can be found at

Check Back soon on Greening Hollywood and Green Blog Network for our Green Event Coverage of the PBC 2011.

Recycle, Reuse, Rejoice!

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Coachella Renewable

Submitted by Eric Ritz, Founder Global Inheritance

Recycle, Reuse, Rejoice!

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Evolve Love Live – Legacy of Climate Crisis



“Evolve Love: Love in a Time of Climate Crisis” is a creative feature documentary (in progress) that will take us on a voyage to discover the ways in which planet wide climate catastrophe could propel us into a sustainable future founded on empathy for all life on earth.

Chronicling the birth of a global “movement of movements” forming to confront climate change, EVOLVE LOVE will reframe the despairing, apocalyptic narrative that is dominating popular discourse around the crisis, transforming it into a moving love story.

The film will feature compelling stories of everyday individuals who are living with the devastating impacts of climate change, while taking us through to the emerging “BRIGHT GREEN” sustainability movement, which offers the energizing confidence of constructive solutions and action, showing that we can reduce our ecological footprint while improving our lives.

With director Velcrow Ripper’s signature awe inspiring visuals, a powerful soundscape, compelling animation, moving stories of crisis, restoration and sustainability, combined with the wisdom of the greatest climate crisis visionaries, EVOLVE LOVE will be an inspirational, transformative and engaging viewing experience.

When: May 23, 2011, Doors 6:15 pm, Start 7:00 pm

Where: Vic Theatre, 808 Douglas St., Victoria, BC


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Calculate Travel Carbon Emissions

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Paige Donner is an Eco Luxury Writer

SHELBURNE, Vt., May 12, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) –

MasterCard and Brighter Planet today announced a new program to help make travel carbon emissions analysis easier – and more accurate – for the businesses worldwide that use MasterCard corporate cards.

The Carbon Emissions Reporting program will initially be launched in the United States later this year.

Developed in response to the nearly 80 percent of companies expressing an interest in green travel initiatives, the MasterCard Carbon Emissions Reporting feature represents the first time that automatic reporting and analysis of estimated travel-related carbon emissions data will be available to corporate cardholders based on their card transactions.

“We continue to innovate and expand our enhanced data initiatives to help businesses more efficiently manage their corporate card programs and meet current and future analytical needs,” said Jay Singer, group head of U.S. Commercial Products at MasterCard Worldwide. “This collaboration with Brighter Planet will help companies with MasterCard corporate card programs continue to evaluate the impact their travel activities and corporate buying decisions have on their broader sustainability initiatives.”

Increased Focus on Corporate Environment Impact

With consumers and businesses alike becoming more sensitive about costs as well as carbon footprints, the launch comes at a critical time. According to the National Business Travel Association, U.S. business travel generates $240 billion in annual spending.

The Carbon Emissions Reporting program provides access to new data that is increasingly valued by companies as they strive to benchmark sustainability goals and initiatives, confront sustainability standards on their supply chains, and address the environmental concerns of stakeholders. The new initiative represents a novel model, implemented on an unprecedented scale.

“Our work with MasterCard is about giving companies deeper insights on travel purchasing so they can make smarter decisions,” said Patti Prairie, CEO of Brighter Planet. “Travel is a huge driver of costs and carbon emissions – as much as 30 or 40 percent of total operations for some companies.”

Sustainability in Action

Detailed estimated data on flights, rental cars, hotels and other travel purchases will be automatically processed by Brighter Planet’s CM1 calculation platform, which will integrate carbon scores into MasterCard smartdata.gen2(TM), MasterCard’s industry-leading, web-based expense management and reporting solution. The carbon scoring, which uses independently validated, standards-compliant calculation methodologies, will let companies benchmark, track, compare, and report various emissions metrics across organizational divisions.

“The MasterCard Carbon Emissions Reporting program is a remarkable step forward in accelerating the availability of information for companies on their carbon footprint,” said Mindy Lubber, president of Ceres, a leading coalition of investors and environmental groups working on sustainability issues. “As we all know, in the business world, what gets measured gets managed.



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>My Greatest Hope…


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>Twitter BP Account (Fake…And Tragically Funny)


Read More At The Source:

  1. Our company psychiatrists say now is the time to move onto the last phase of experiencing a tragedy, acceptance mixed with forgetfulness.
  2. @bpTerry just ran into the grabass room all excited and sincerely asked, “Why don’t we just call Captain Planet!?” – he has great weed, ok?

  3. We plan on spending millions of dollars to fix this mess. We also plan on jacking gas prices so high that you’ll wish you never complained.

  4. Announcement: bp is in desperate need of some positive visual PR. Anything goes. Submit to us w/ #bpbillboard. ABSOLUTELY NO PAY!

  5. WTF! RT @bpTerry just picked up the party banners i ordered yesterday. somehow they say “Operation: To] Kill Accomplished”. im in trouble.

  6. This horrible spill wouldn’t be happening in the gulf of AMERICA! Arizona knows what I’m talking ’bout!! #fistpound #bpcares

  7. Of course, bp cares about the fishing industry as well. Now, all tuna from the gulf coast comes pre-packaged in oil. #you‘rewelcome #yum

  8. @BarackObama is “angry and frustrated.” Well, so are we! This has really cut into our BP Goodtimes Field Trip Fund. #nomoredisneyland

  9. Heard rumors of a memo about bp choosing $$$$ over worker safety. It’s actually @bpTerry ‘s diary. So don’t read it, it’s VERY PRIVATE!

  10. Really turning clean up efforts into overdrive today. We don’t want Obama finding out about our crazy office keg parties tomorrow.

  11. We are dedicated to helping the wildlife in the gulf. Any birds that need cleaning must report to 287 Quartemain St, Baton Rouge, LA 70801.

  12. Just got the concession call from Exxon Valdez. They were great competitors and remarkably evil about everything. #bpwins!

  13. Absolutely true: RT @bpTerry just ruined a meeting with some scientists. i ate their pie chart on a dare. tasted horrible.

  14. The LA Times is reporting that Top Kill is working to plug the leak! Looks like our job here is done. See ya later gulf! #5dayweekend!

  15. Seems some are trying to co-opt us. What a PR nightmare! Wanna know how to tell us apart? We say pickledick and pussyfart. #bpsaysfuckyou

  16. After 38 long days, we’ve finally fixed it… No, not the leak! Terry joined twitter! RT @bpTerry testes, testes 1,2…. 3!?!?!?! lol.

  17. How do you pay for barrels & barrels of oil? With barrels & barrels of “bp cares” shirts for charity (ugh)

  18. A lot of people are asking if we could have prevented this mess. Honestly, we have no clue. Our hindsight is 20/80. #bpcares

  19. Correction! They are the ones robbing us of our hard earned shirt money.

  20. Can’t believe we’re literally losing thousands of dollars to selling free shirts. Terry never reads the fine print.

  21. RT @BP_America – Top kill procceding according to plan. – FAKE ACCOUNT! CAN’T SPELL! If I had less than 7k followers, I wouldn’t bother.

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>American Idol And Clean Energy


The University of Michigan and DTE Energy sponsor Clean Energy  Prize competition to promote sustainable energy technology.

Image: Stage lights by Richard Anderson on

By Tina Casey    [Originally on CleanTechnica]

In a high tech, low key twist on American Idol, green technology competitions are springing up all over the country.  Among the newer ones is the Clean Energy Prize sponsored by the University of Michigan and DTE Energy, and it offers some clues about the technology stars of the sustainable energy future.  For one thing, they better be prepared to go on stage and pitch their talent – one element of the competition is an oral presentation before a panel of judges.

DTE’s involvement is another interesting aspect of the competition.  A large part of the company is a conventional natural gas utility, Detroit Edison, but an emerging part is DTE Energy Ventures, which focuses on sustainable energy tech.  That puts DTE among a growing list of large energy companies that are turning more investment resources over to sustainable fuels – yet another indicator that peak times for fossil fuels are on the horizon.

The Clean Energy Prize Competition

The competition has already winnowed the starting field of 32 hopefuls down to eight teams from six different Michigan colleges and universities.  The projects include advanced energy storage, services that help consumers manage energy consumption (especially peak demand), kinetic energy for wireless devices, biogas digesters/composters for restaurants, and “green” silane gas production (silane is used in electronics, flat screen displays and solar panels).  Like California’s Cleantech Open, the competition focuses squarely on commercialization.  Advancement in the competition is based on a written business plan, and the prize money is targeted towards jump starting new clean energy businesses.

Conventional Utilities and Emerging Clean Energy

DTE is by no means the first conventional utility to jump from fossil fuels into sustainable energy.  Industry giant Duke Energy already owns more than 700 megawatts of wind power and last year it announced plans to build hundreds of mini-solar energy plants in North Carolina.  Just this month Duke also announced the purchase of a 14 megawatt solar plant that will provide energy for San Antonio, Texas.

Start-Ups and Clean Tech Competitions

Clearly the big players see a potential gold mine in moving away from fossil fuels, and they have the resources to go after it.  The emergence of clean tech competitions helps start-ups get in on the sustainable energy action, providing seed money in the form of prizes or investment opportunities (the ZINO Society is a good example).  They can play an especially important role in developing sustainable technologies that are scaled to individuals and small sites, which are an essential part of the sustainable energy puzzle but may not represent an attractive market for larger companies.

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