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Eco-Friendly Paris, Even the NY Times Is (Finally!) Taking Notice

If you pick up a Weekend Edition of the NY Times Travel section today, you will find inside a wonderful article highlighting some of Paris’s green-friendly programs. Of special interest is the fact that Paris ranks number 10 as a Green City according to a report referenced at the 2009 UN Conference.


Most of the Green Points highlighted in the article have been written about already here on Greening Paris and also on our affiliate blog, Local Food And Wine. Both are published by Paige Donner c. Paige Donner, Ed-in-Chief.



It’s wonderful to see, this Earth Month 2011, that the NY Times, of which the International Herald Tribune is its global edition, sat up and took notice of what Paris is doing in a green-friendly way!


NY Times Article, HERE


You can also read it in Print in the April 10th 2011 edition of Travel Section.

Read all about the World’s Green Trends on The Green Blog Network.


Green Blog Network * Greening HollywoodGreening Beauty

Recycle, Reuse, Rejoice!






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>Dita Von Teese "Closet Environmentalist" Ignites Paris Fashion Week


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>Elie Saab’s Delight In The 70’s


"I wanted to work with a different style of woman for this collection; A woman who works at home, a woman who vacations on a yacht, a woman who attends evening soirees. I didn't want to use too many muses this time," confided Saab after the show.

Accessories made a big debut on the Elie Saab Paris fashion runway today. Navel-reaching gold chains dangling heavy pendants decorated the occasional plunging neckline. Gold cuffs worn on both wrists provided just the accent for the sable, salmon and smoky white one-piece jumpsuits, shorts suits and floor-length gowns. 

"Accessories are a big development for the house," commented Saab. "We emphasized our accessories this year in the line for that reason." Salmon-suede clutch trimmed with metal and a jewel of a bag covered in crystals, also textured with tone-on-tone stone gray leather interlacing could be seen being coveted by the catwalking and stunning models with free-flowing coiffed hair.

When asked which celebrities would wear his creations best this year, he responded, "Any who like the line." Dita Von Teese, a self-described "closet environmentalist" sat in the front row. The line for this season is ultra-feminine and looks like it would feel delightful to wear and to walk in. The ultra-petite and feminine Von Teese could easily strap on a pair of the chunky-heeled suede matching sandals and sway down the length of a yacht and into an all-night soiree.

The collection's colors evoke the exuberance of Bahia. The designs evoke the Rockstar era of 70s St. Tropez Jagger excess.  Music for the show was by Michel Gaubert who played Rolling Stone's "Emotional Rescue" and such 70s era classics. Hair by Orlando Pita and team; Makeup by Tom Pecheux and team using MAC Pro.

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>Great To Be The Next Big Thing


It’s hard to believe that Fashion Greats such as Dior, Givenchy, Chanel were ever once teenagers with a dream.  But as with all of us, we started somewhere.

Paris is the birthplace of fashion and during this Spring Summer ’11 Fashion Week season the strength of that tradition is seen all around the city, with brilliant shows being staged in the Tuileries, the Grand Palais, reclaimed convents as well as on rooftops and in basements.

Pedro Laurenco, 19 Year Old Brazilian Designer. Photo courtesy Vogue Talents.

The Pedro Laurenço show took place on the Quai Malaquais in the Salle Melpomène whose ceilings are at least 10 meters high and where the convex upper arches are adorned with French National Heritage paintings.

It’s always fun to be where The Next Big Thing is happening. Greening Hollywood was there twice this past week at the start of Paris Fashion Week and we weren’t alone…Vogue editors, notably the team from Milan were also there. Vogue Italian Editor Franca Sozzani is on a mission to support new and young designers and she has staffed her ranks with writers and editors who are fanned out across the city en force on this same mission.

Pedro Laurenço

The vibe at this show was so Brazilian, relaxed, genial. As the famous models pulled up in their taxis and chauffeured vehicles to make it to the show’s hour-delayed start-time, the crowd was full of kisses and Portuguese greetings.

Hairstylist Guido Pila – for Redken – pulled up on a chauffeured motorcycle,, one of the most brilliant urban transport systems I’ve seen in Paris. His driver stripped him of his helmet and motorcycle jacket as he dropped him off. [*Note this is the only Eco aspect of the show I’ve been able to discover byprint time.]

Nineteen-year-old Pedro’s father, Reinaldo, also a famous Brazilian fashion designer, greeted guests personally as they arrived.  Pedro who debuted for the first time in Paris only just earlier this year, is already pulling the stylemakers to his front row seatings and on only just the third day of the Paris Shows.

Pedro Laurenco Paris Spring Summer ’11. Photo courtesy Vogue, Talents. Go to for complete photos of October 1st Paris Show.

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>Edun Rocks NY Fashion Plus Scenes From Paris Fashion Night Out


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>Angela Lindvall, Super Model, On NYC’s Green Fashion Week


Angela Lindvall with her two boys as featured in a British Vogue photo shoot.

By: Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff

Exclusive Interview below. 

ES: Are you involved in the Green Shows?

Angela Lindvall: What is that?

 ES: The Green Shows are the eco-fashion shows that take place during New York Fashion Week.

Eco Fashion Highlights From N.Y. Green Fashion Week

– Editor, Greening Beauty 

Angela Lindvall:I feel a little foolish that I don’t know more about who’s doing what. I’m not the type of girl who talks about clothes but from the point of view of what I believe in, it’s an opportunity to give credit to people who are doing great stuff. I have to check that out.

Angela Lindvall on the Victoria’s Secret catwalk, and featured in New York magazine above.

As a supermodel—and I mean that literally—Angela Lindvall has been a cover girl for Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and countless other big-fashion mags. Inside their pages, she’s the face of brands from Valentino to Missoni. I talked with the ecoista from her Los Angeles, CA home about becoming the new face of DKNY’s new Pure fragrance, which sources sustainable vanilla from a fair trade cooperative in Uganda, as well as the sticky subject of how she comes to terms with representing brands that might not reflect her personal ideals.

For the past 10 years, Angela has managed to bring a personal interest in sustainability to her professional life. After realizing that the mainstream media wasn’t talking about environmental issues, she founded the non-profit Collage Foundation, which uses the “you get more bees with honey” approach to stimulating awareness. “If you are coming in as a radical people aren’t going to respond very well,” she said. “But if you come from a place of inspiration and invitation you’ll get a much better response.”

Then the model/actress—she appeared in 2005’s “Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang”—co-hosted “Alter Eco” with Adrian Grenier. It might just very well have been her dream job if it didn’t involve working 13-hour days, six days a week, then modeling on weekends to make her mortgage payments. Oh, and she did her own hair, makeup and wardrobe—a challenge for Angela who admits, “I’m probably the least fashionable person. At home I’m in my jeans and tank top. If I shop it’s at vintage stores.”

But with DKNY Pure, an upcoming gig as the spokesperson for Biotherm’s new organic line and appointment to the founding board ofNational Resources Defense Council’s Clean by Design Initiative, the professional and the personal are truly beginning to align. “For so long, I felt like my fashion career was on one side [and] my passion and environmental endeavors were on the other side. It’s super exciting that they’re starting to collide,” she said. “It’s really exciting to believe in something that I represent.”

And no, the 31-year-old mother of two and former Victoria’s Secret catwalker doesn’t do runway anymore—“I don’t really have that Twiggy runway body anymore,” she said, “which I’m happy about.” But we might just see her at the Green Shows this season.

British Vogue

ES: You’ve been on countless magazine covers and ad campaigns, but our readers probably best know you from Planet Green’s “Alter Eco.” How did that come about?

Angela Lindvall: Very serendipitously, I must say. My girlfriend got a text message from a friend asking for music for the show. And she responded by saying you should feature my best friend Angela—it’s totally her world. We got a call five minutes later asking if I could meet Adrian that night. In my heart of hearts I knew that I would get it, but when I met Adrian he told me they had already picked a host. They had to convince the network—they met with the head of Planet Green and Discovery—and two weeks later we were shooting… Read Entire Article at EcoStiletto 

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