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PoweRocks Mini Portable Charging Devices

Magicstick--1 Super Magicstick--2

by Green Blog Network

Portable electronic devices are lifesavers.  Who can live without their SmartPhone or cell phone these days? Apparently not 2.3 billion of Planet Earth’s people.

In more tangible terms, more people have access to a portable phone today than to a toilet.
But when these little buddies – portable electronic devices – lose power, they’re about as useful as dead wood.
Now, however, you can throw your worry out the window. Because Powerocks has invented the genius PowerBank and Magic Cubes.

These design-friendly, compact, colorful little devices charge your iPhone, your tablet, your SmartPhone, your cell phone and many other portable electronic devices quickly and efficiently. The PowerBank is equipped with both male and female USB connectors and it also comes with a multiple connector cable good for most devices. And each comes with two output cables so you can recharge two devices simultaneously.
A charged PowerBank is good for about an hour and can go all the way up to 12000 milliamps. It takes only about an hour to charge your PowerBank either directly from an electrical outlet or your computer. The charged PowerBank can last up to a reported 3-6 months. You can find them in many colors – from purple to silver to leopard print – and three power flavors: 6000 mAh,.9000 mAh and 12000mAh. This last one stores enough juice to recharge your iPhone up to 6 times.
You can pick one up for anywhere between $29 to £109. In Canada these stores have them available, perfect for stocking stuffers : )
Canadian Tire, Bell, Rogers, Telus,, Telephone Booth, CostCo’s Wireless,
These rechargers are also much more eco-friendly than the standard battery as you can get as many as 500 charges, at least, from one device.

“The Attitude of Free Life”  i.e. never be in an emergency or miss a call when away from home.

Online you can find these cylindrical little lifesavers at

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Evolve Love Live – Legacy of Climate Crisis



“Evolve Love: Love in a Time of Climate Crisis” is a creative feature documentary (in progress) that will take us on a voyage to discover the ways in which planet wide climate catastrophe could propel us into a sustainable future founded on empathy for all life on earth.

Chronicling the birth of a global “movement of movements” forming to confront climate change, EVOLVE LOVE will reframe the despairing, apocalyptic narrative that is dominating popular discourse around the crisis, transforming it into a moving love story.

The film will feature compelling stories of everyday individuals who are living with the devastating impacts of climate change, while taking us through to the emerging “BRIGHT GREEN” sustainability movement, which offers the energizing confidence of constructive solutions and action, showing that we can reduce our ecological footprint while improving our lives.

With director Velcrow Ripper’s signature awe inspiring visuals, a powerful soundscape, compelling animation, moving stories of crisis, restoration and sustainability, combined with the wisdom of the greatest climate crisis visionaries, EVOLVE LOVE will be an inspirational, transformative and engaging viewing experience.

When: May 23, 2011, Doors 6:15 pm, Start 7:00 pm

Where: Vic Theatre, 808 Douglas St., Victoria, BC


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>Greening NYC: Hudson Companies Inc. Third + Bond Collaborates With Pratt Institute


By: Alison Novak
Green Building Meets Match in Green Furnishings: The Hudson Companies Inc. collaboration with the Pratt Institute yields a bountifully green pairing.
Sustainable top to bottom, inside and out, is what can be said about Third + Bond, the 44-unit condo project in Brooklyn, NY. Third + Bond is expected to be LEED-Gold and Energy Star-labeled (as a building) when it is completed next spring. But the effort toward sustainability doesn’t end there. Third + Bond partnered with four academic departments and over 90 designers from Pratt Institute to outfit two model residences with sustainable furnishings.
This collaboration has been covered by Metropolis, Interior Design, the soon-to-close Metropolitan Home, and Yanko design, among others. With furnishings from revered designers Eva Zeisel, Harry Allen, and Bruce Hannah, just to name a few, and prototypes from the newest designers on the scene, like Tawny Hixson and Thomas Stern, the collaboration is undoubtedly buzzworthy.
Pratt Institute, the prestigious art, design and architectural college, completely outfitted the model residences from wall coverings to home accessories, furniture, textiles, art, lighting, and clothing. All items were designed by Pratt alumni, faculty and/or students. Some of the items have been classics for years, such as the T Sling Lounge Chair by Bill Katavalos. Others were created specifically for the project, such as the wallpaper designed by Pratt interior design students who were inspired by legendary, local oysters. Not only do the colors and graphics embody an organic, natural sense, but the wallpaper itself was manufactured PVC-free by Carnegie.
Traditional Brooklyn Townhouse – Modern Eco-Adaptation
Third + Bond was designed by Rogers Marvel Architects as a modern adaptation of the traditional Brooklyn townhouse. The furnished models are a 2 bedroom, 2 full bathroom condominium with a little over 1,000 square feet, and a 3 bedroom, 3 full bathroom condominium with private yard that’s just shy of 2,000 square feet. Green elements include energy recovery ventilators, low-VOC paint, dual flush toilets, pre-fabricated construction and R-39 insulation.  
The Hudson Companies Inc. Paradigm:  Quality Greens
As the first green building project for The Hudson Companies Inc, Third + Bond has also been an experiment in expanding the 22 year old company’s paradigm about quality. Known for both luxury and affordable housing, Hudson has built nearly 4,000 dwelling units in New York City and is known for its quality work. The idea of doing a green building before green was mainstream and when the cost premium was thought to be considerable, was a leap of faith. Now all of Hudson’s projects planned or in construction are green.
For more on Third + Bond, the collaboration with Pratt, and what it’s like for an established company to go green, check back with us on the Green Blog Network.
Photos by Diana Pau, Pratt Institute

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