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Climate Refugees – Quileute Tribe In Our Backyard

The recent devastating Tsunami and its ensuing human tragedies have awoken us all to the realities of environmental destruction, as did last year’s horrific Gulf Oil Spill.

We often hear about “Climate Refugees” and I think the automatic reflex is to assume it will happen somewhere far, far away. Well, here is a Native American tribe, the Quileute Tribe, whose traditional home is in Washington State and who are facing the prospect of being Climate Refugees. Read More below…


Situated along the Pacific Ocean and bordering the Olympic National Park, the members of the tiny one square mile fishing village are placing their hopes of moving to higher ground on the recently filed Quileute Tsunami Protection legislation (HR 1162) introduced on March 17, 2011 by Congressman Norm Dicks and Senator Maria Cantwell (D).

See Video Here: 

The video is posted on the Quileute Nation website at http://www.quileutenation.org/ and on the tribe’s Youtube page at .

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