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NEW YORK, NY – MAR 15, 2011 – Animation specialists GKIDS today announced the English language voice cast for  their award-winning animated feature MIA AND THE MIGOO by director Jacques-Rémy Girerd.  The new English language version is produced by US distributor GKIDS and Matthew Modine, and features John DiMaggio, Whoopi Goldberg, Matthew Modine, Wallace Shawn, and James Woods, and introduces Amanda Misquez as Mia.  The film opens theatrically for an exclusive engagement at New York’s IFC Center on March 25, with national bow set for Earth Day, April 22, in partnership with Earth Day Network.






MIA AND THE MIGOO is the second feature by animator Jacques-Rémy Girerd, founder of famed French animation studio Folimage and recipient of France’s Ordre national du Mérite (National Order of Merit), one of the nation’s highest honors.  The film was winner of Best Animated Feature at the European Film Awards in December 2009 and is being released theatrically in the US by GKIDS with the support of MEDIA International.
















Created from an astonishing 500,000 hand-painted frames of animation, MIA AND THE MIGOO is a stunningly beautiful and thrilling family adventure that pits a plucky, wild haired young heroine Mia against profit-hungry developers, with the future of life on Earth in the balance.  One night Mia has a premonition. So after saying a few words of parting at her mother’s grave, she sets out on a journey across mountains and jungles in search of her father, who has been trapped in a landslide at a disaster-plagued construction site on a remote tropical lake. In the middle of the lake stands the ancient Tree of Life, watched over by innocent, bumbling forest spirits called the Migoo, who grow and change shape as they please, morphing from small childlike beings to petulant giants. It is the Migoo who have been disrupting the construction to protect this sacred site – and now together with Mia they join in a fight to find Mia’s father and save the Tree.


MIA AND THE MIGOO opens March 25 for an exclusive one week engagement at New York’s IFC Center, where GKIDS has opened previous animated films Azur and Asmar, Sita Sings the BluesThe Secret of Kells, andSummer Wars.  The film will then open nationally on Earth Day, April 22, in partnership with Earth Day Network, the environmental organization behind the global Earth Day celebration.  All theatrical proceeds from the film’s opening weekend will support Earth Day Network’s Canopy Project, a world-wide tree-planting initiative. Each tree planted counts towards A Billion Acts of Green®, the world’s largest environmental campaign.


About Earth Day Network – The first Earth Day, on April 22, 1970, activated 20 million Americans from all walks of life and is widely credited with launching the modern environmental movement. The passage of the landmark Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Endangered Species Act and many other groundbreaking environmental laws soon followed. Growing out of the first Earth Day, Earth Day Network (EDN) works with over 22,000 partners in 192 countries to broaden, diversify and mobilize the environmental movement. More than 1 billion people now participate in Earth Day activities each year, making it the largest civic observance in the world.  www.earthday.org


About GKIDS – GKIDS is a distributor of award-winning filmed entertainment specializing in independent animation for both adults and children. GKIDS is also producer of the New York Int’l Children’s Film Festival, North America’s largest festival of film for children and teens. NYICFF jury members include John Turturro, Uma Thurman, Susan Sarandon, Matthew Modine, Gus van Sant, and James Schamus.



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Commuun Paris Runway Show F/W ’11




All photos by Paige Donner, Copyright Paige Donner

The NY trained, Tokyo originating design duo of Iku Furudate and Kaito Hori launched their label in 2005 which is also when they first began showing in Paris. In 2007 they won the LVMH and Longchamp ANDAM prizes.




Paige Donner is Founder and Ed. In Chief of Greening Beauty and Greening Hollywood

Greening Beauty



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Sustainable Entrepreneur Prize – For Women


Ingrid Leyret, Ileo Interactive, www.comptoir-de-vie.com




Florence Hallouin, Generation Plume, www.hamac-paris.com




For More Info:  www.prixentrepreneureresponsable.epwn.net

*Note March 8th was International Woman’s Day



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Paige Donner, environmental and fashion editor is on Dailysingle today. Check out her interview and photos!

Paige Donner, environmental and fashion editor is on Dailysingle today. Check out her interview and photos!: “Paige Donner is an editor, publisher and media/environmental consultant. She lives in Los Angeles, California.”

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Bringing Life to the Pre-Oscar® Party

By Gina Hall
“Ever help plan an Oscar® party?”

“Oh, sure. Lots of times. The key is having lots of snacks. I make an awesome veggie plate. It takes a lot of work, though. Like an hour to make. You need chips – no cheese puffs though. Orange stuff gets all over the fake ballots…”
“Um, no. A real Oscar® party. For Global Green USA. Green Carpet, celebrities, Hollywood venue, paparazzi. It’s for a great cause. No cheese puffs.”
I had been to a lot of Hollywood parties, living in Los Angeles it’s often part of your job. So the opportunity to go behind-the-scenes of Global Green’s 8thAnnual ecofriendly Pre-Oscar® Party peaked the interest of this writer. And as a part of this experience, it’s my privilege to fill you in on how this all goes down – and believe me it takes a lot of blood, sweat and organic vodka to ensure you, the partygoer, have a good evening.
Global Green is a national non-profit environmental organization committed to protecting the environment, stopping global climate change and nuclear proliferation, and making the world a safer, more sustainable place. It would be hard not to like these guys. And to add to the goodwill they put out into the world, they stage events, like the Pre-Oscar® Party, that put on a good show for the public all while using the proceeds for initiatives like rebuilding New Orleans and greening public schools.

The Pre-Oscar® party was conceived of by Global Green President Matt Petersen and Board member Sebastian Copeland who are chairs of this year’s event.  The annual party and fundraiser grew out of the success of Global Green’s Red Carpet Green Cars initiative which began in 2003 and has taken a who’s who of Oscar nominees and winners to the Academy Awards in fuel-efficient vehicles instead of gas-guzzling limousines.
The Pre-Oscar® party venue was a given — the Avalon Hollywood, where Global Green has held this event for the last several years. Historically, it was The Palace where The Rolling Stones, Prince and Nirvana had played before it was restored. Across from Capitol Records and in view of the Hollywood sign, it’s as iconic Hollywood as you can get.
Entertainment is also key. Events Manager Nina Storm, way cooler than me and hip to what the kids are listening to these days, spent some considerable time coordinating Global Green’s volunteer music committee while working her own connections and wound up with an enviable indie band line-up, featuring Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Portugal. The Man and Best Coast.
Of course, once you decide to throw a party, you need to make sure lots of people will turn out. And that’s where Director of Communications, Ruben Aronin, shines. If modern scientists ever needed proof that the singularity is near, they need look no further than Aronin who has seemingly merged with his desk phone and iPhone to coordinate many of the logistics of the event. Celebrity attendees, media coverage, sponsorships, and social media outreach all flow through him. And while a lesser man may crumble under the sheer volume of information he has to process in a day, Aronin is probably the most low-key guy in the office.


Then there’s the external coordination of the event team, publicists, web designers, graphic artists, videographers, party staff, and organic wine and alcohol deals – when it comes down to it, throwing a party is actually a pretty sobering experience.
But the reward comes February 23rd when it all comes to life. Daytime media events will unveil Global Green’s Model City Carbon Index, which demonstrates how cities like Los Angeles contribute 70% of our carbon emissions and includes action alerts on what you can do to help reduce that number. Celebrities, musicians and eco-luminaries will glide down a green carpet made from 100% sustainabile materials. A Red Carpet, Green Dress design competition created by Suzy Amis Cameron, wife of James, will be unveiled and helps to support sustainable fashion design. Sponsors, like Planters, Chevy Volt, Pureology and more than a dozen more will have displays showcasing some of the latest in green products and technology.
Organic cocktails, customized video loops and live Twitter feeds are all details that have been coordinated by someone on the Global Green staff. So if all of these people are prepared to put in an enormous effort to promote a message of sustainability, you might say that the cause is worth checking out. When you come to the party, take a moment to appreciate the atmosphere, the talent, the people and the cause behind the evening. And the next time you brag about the awesomeness of your veggie plate that takes a whole hour to make, just make sure it isn’t to someone who’s planned one of these things.



The celebrity host committee includes Orlando Bloom,Jim Carrey,  Rosario Dawson and Alison Brie as well as event committee members Eric GarcettiWalton GogginsMia Maestro, Oscar NomineeLucy WalkerDeirdre Wallace and Richard Wegman. Additional celebrity attendees include Carrie UnderwoodHayden PanettiereKara DioGuardiDane CookMaggie Grace, Oscar Nominee David O’Russell,Dr. Drew PinskyDana DelanySharon LawrenceYvonne Strahovski,Ian ZieringDaniel SunjataSam TrammelStephen DorffPaul StanleyDaniel PowterElizabeth RohmDaphne ZunigaGillian JacobsJonathan SadowskiAlexandra PaulLuke Matheny & Ryan SilbertThomas KretschmannEnrique Murciano and more.

WHAT: Global Green USA will host its 8th Annual Pre-Oscar® Party featuring special musical performances from Black Rebel, Portugal. The ManBest Coast, and DJ’s Jeremy Sole and Michael Smith.  The theme for this year’s event is “Greener Cities for a Cooler Planet” and willbenefit Global Green’s initiatives to promote smart solutions to climate change by creating healthy, green communities. The event will feature the debut of the nation’s first ever Model Carbon City Index tool



Tickets for this year’s Pre-Oscar Party are still available atwww.globalgreen.org/preoscarparty and you can follow all of the excitement at their twitter feed @globalgreenusa

Greening Beauty



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Green Film Sets Q&A with Ryan Pomeranz, Director/Producer


The Following Q & A with filmmaker Ryan Pomeranz was re-posted from Production Hub…

Q: What was the inspiration for Theodore is Dying and why did you decide to go green for this project?

A: Theodore is Dying (TID) was made as part of an MFA program at UCF in “Entrepreneurial Digital Cinema.” I knew I wanted to do a feature once I got my BFA and the program at UCF gave me the means to do it. It’s amazing how much a mandate and a deadline can act as inspiration.

Theodore is Dying tells four different stories dealing with themes of death and rebirth, which is something I knew I wanted to explore when I started writing it. I think it’s a normal part of life to hit these points of demarcation where you can draw a line and say “this is where everything changed.” Whether it’s the loss of a loved one, or the end of a long-term relationship, or whatever, at some point you’re going to have to pick up and start over, and that’s what each character in the film is faced with.

Q: What kind of equipment did you use for this film and how did it affect the going green initiative?

A: We shot HD on the Sony EX-3. Obviously shooting digitally is more environmentally sound as opposed to shooting on film. You end up avoiding the use of environmentally damaging materials that are used to both make and process the film. Our first goal when deciding to shoot digitally was (like most people I would assume) to keep costs down.

Q: What was the budget for this film and how did you achieve success on such an “ultra-low budget”?


A: The budget for TID was $35,000. Certainly the reason we had a successful shoot comes from the incredible crew we had working on the film. It was important to us (Producer Allie Kenyon and I) to surround ourselves with people that we had worked with before and/or had absolute confidence in. Making a film with this small of a budget, in a somewhat unfamiliar location, comes with an extra set of challenges, but having a talented dedicated crew can absolutely make the difference between whether those challenges are surmountable or not.

Q: What are some tips that you could give other filmmakers working on feature films with low budgets?

A: This is sort of a hard question to answer because I feel like every situation is different. Once again I would say making sure you surround yourself with people you trust is one of the most important things you can do. As a director or a producer you’re not going to be able to handle every “fire” that flares up, so having a great production manager and a great 1st AD (We had the amazing Meredith Kaulfers and Alix Duggins respectively) is absolutely essential.

My other advice would be to make the film as “above the table” as possible. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t steal shots when you need to, but the more preparation and paperwork you finish in pre-pro, the less hassles and potential legal pitfalls you’ll face when it’s time to distribute or even (God forbid) sell your movie. We had a great lawyer that was willing to work with our budget and our specific situation. Shop around because many entertainment lawyers are willing to work with first time filmmakers. The last thing you want is to end up with an amazing film you can’t do anything with.

Q: Would you encourage other filmmakers to go green on set? What are some tips for making a set more eco- friendly?

A: I absolutely would recommend that filmmakers try to make their films in as sustainable a way as possible. Beyond sleeping better at night, we were also actually able to save money in production by going green. It’s also been incredibly useful as a marketing tool. Read MORE…

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MojaMoja 2011 Pre-Grammy Brunch = Unforgettable

“You Are Not Alone,”…Event Benefits OxFam America


Music Icon Mavis Staples Leads the Way at Pre-Grammy Brunch
The 3rd Annual MojaMoja Pre-Grammy Brunch honors the Rock & Roll Hall of Famer
at Benefit Concert for Oxfam America
The legendary Mavis Staples accepts the inaugural MojaMoja Vanguard Award during
the 3rd Annual MojaMoja Pre-Grammy Brunch held in downtown L.A.
LOS ANGELES – On Saturday, February 12, more than 300 fans attended the 3rd Annual MojaMoja Pre-Grammy Brunch and Concert at the AT&T Center downtown Los Angeles. Performances included Grammy nominees Chilean Rapper Ana Tijoux, Bilal and Eric Roberson. Other artists featured at the event were
DJ Flying Loyus and Superhumanoids.
Staples, known for her classic hit “I’ll Take You There,” was presented with the inaugural MojaMoja Vanguard Award by world renowned DJ and co-creator of
theMojaMoja.com Garth Trinidad and Oxfam America’s Bob Ferguson, senior music advisor.
She performed her 2011 Grammy-winning song “You Are Not Alone.”
The event helped to raise funds for Oxfam America and its work in Haiti.
Themojamoja.com is an online international and urban alternative music site. The mission of the annual MojaMoja Pre-Grammy Brunch is to connect good people with good music for a good cause. Learn more at www.themojamoja.com
Check out your photos from Lensley Here!

Greening Beauty


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EPA Recognizes Sony For Leading Green Power Purchase

EPA Recognizes Sony For Leading Green Power Purchase


NEW YORK, February 3, 2011 – Sony Corporation of America, Sony DADC, Sony Electronics and Sony Pictures Entertainment in the U.S., under the umbrella of Sony Corporation of America, announced today that they have come together to purchase more than 143 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) of green power annually for 2011, which is enough green power to meetan estimated 49 percent of these entities’ electricity use.  As a result of this purchase, Sony Corporation of America ranks No. 27 on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) National Top 50 list of the largest green power purchasers.

Sony is purchasing Green-e verified renewable energy certificates (RECs) through Renewable Choice Energy and 3Degrees.  Additionally, Sony is using its own on-site solar installations, which produce more than 600,000 kWh/year. These activities demonstrate a proactive choice to switch away from traditional sources of electricity generation and support cleaner renewable energy alternatives.


According to EPA, Sony’s green power purchase of more than 143 million kWh is equivalent to avoiding the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of nearly 20,000 passenger vehicles per year, or the CO2 emissions from the electricity use of nearly 13,000 average American homes annually.  This purchase also qualifies the Company for EPA’s Green Power Leadership Club, a distinction given to organizations that have significantly exceeded EPA’s minimum purchase requirements. Green Power Leadership Club members must purchase ten times the partnership’s minimum requirement organization-wide.


Sony’s recent green power purchase and on-site solar generation initiatives are part of its ongoing support of renewable energy and its commitment to reducing its environmental impact globally under its “Road to Zero” environmental plan, through which the Company aims to achieve a zero environmental footprint by 2050.


As a global leader in the consumer electronics and entertainment industries, Sony is fully committed to responsible corporate citizenship and environmental stewardship through its products, its programs, its practices and its people.  From research and development of energy-efficient products and processes, to the responsible re-use and recycling of materials, Sony strives to protect and promote a healthy and sustainable planet, improving the quality of life of future generations.  For more information on Sony’s global environmental initiatives, visitwww.sony.net/SonyInfo/csr/environment/index.html.

About EPA’s Green Power Partnership

The Green Power Partnership is a voluntary program that encourages organizations to buy green power as a way to reduce the environmental impacts associated with purchased electricity use. The Partnership currently has more than 1,300 Partner organizations voluntarily purchasing billions of kilowatt-hours of green power annually. Partners include a wide variety of leading organizations such as Fortune 500® companies, small and medium sized businesses, local, state, and federal governments, and colleges and universities. For additional information, please visit www.epa.gov/greenpower.

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Greening Hollywood: The DL On L.A.’s Green Fashion Scene

The key words to this year’s L.A. Fashion Week were “City of L.A., Vintage and (yeah!)…Eco.” CoLA FW, City of L.A. Fashion Week, set the bar with their Friday and Saturday night closing weekend shows at downtown’s Lady Liberty Building.
Fashionista Scenesters at CoLA FW, Photo by Paige Donner

“CoLA is about encouraging and supporting this city’s talent. Our desire is to set a standard of sophistication that will invite fashion moguls and originals back to the West Coast,” said Dani Michelle, CoLA FW Founding Principle. Team CoLA, including Executive Producer Shannon Leggett, staged two nights of back to back runway shows – flawlessly. Their Brian Lichtenberg theatrics was, by fashionista decree, the epicenter of our city’s Fashion Week this year. Other labels that walked the runway were Fremont, Eksempel, B. Son, Joyrich and COA (a secret show).

What set CoLA FW apart was that it was so seamlessly organized. We’re talkin’ “flow.” The building’s second floor was devoted to party space sponsored, in part by TyKu Asian Liquor. Runway shows were held exclusively on the 5th Floor of this loft space. The drama and theatre of the runway show collections were heightened by having their own devoted space. It was also clear that these were “industry events, not consumer events.” Read more from Whatswear’s N.Y. Editor, Joseph Ungoco, also in attendance. Some images from the collections:

Fremont collection, Photo by Paige Donner

Fremont designer Brittany Pham noted that her collection was “Depression Era – inspired.” She went for basic classics that hold to them the nostalgia of Hollywood Glam.

CoLA FW featured Designer, Brian Lichtenberg Collection, Photo by Paige Donner

Fremont collection by Brittany Pham, shown at CoLA FW, Photo by Paige Donner

CoLA FW, backstage with models, Photo by Paige Donner

Model and CoLA FW attendees, Photo by Paige Donner

Downtown L.A. Fashion Week’s Vintage: Classy, Timeless and Eco

Rachel Griffiths, co-host of DLAFW, wearing Ferdinando Sarmi Vintage; according to Cameron Silver, co-host, it was the only vintage maternity dress in his Decades boutique. Photo by Paige Donner

“I’m enthusiastic about fashion week taking place at the epicenter of the city’s garment district,” said Cameron Silver, owner of Decades Inc., L.A.’s starring vintage fashion boutique, who was curator of Downtown Los Angeles Fashion Week’s show staged at the MOCA in downtown L.A.’s Little Tokyo.

Designer Louis Verdad, at MOCA Geffen Contemporary, showing his Louver Collection, Photo by Paige Donner

Panoramic view of DLAFW held at MOCA Contemporary Museum, Little Tokyo L.A., Photo by Paige Donner
Thursday’s “Evening of 20th Century Glamour” happened by the graces and sheer creative innovation of museum’s Vanessa Gonzales and her team of “crazy fun” accomplices, including forward thinking DLAFW Executive Producer Leanna Lewis of Leanna Lewis Events. Silver, co-host of the evening along with actress Rachel Griffiths, said that the Geffen Center at MOCA was an exciting venue to stage a runway show and sees L.A. as being the attractive fashion debut destination for both N.Y. and Pan-Asian designers.

“L.A. Fashion Week can really position itself well because everyone I want to dress is already here,” added Silver, referencing some of the actors and celebs who showed up for the MOCA DLAFW event including Nicole Richie, Marisa Tomei, Rose McGowan and Nicki Hilton. “We need to import designers to L.A. rather than export our talent to N.Y.,” said Silver.

Vintage designers shown on the runway included the show hit, “Iconic Mermaid Coctail Dress – Red,” by Norell. This number “stopped the show” and garnered the model, Monique, applause from the crowd. Other dresses included: YSL, Valentino, Azzaro, Dior, Givenchy, Mugler and De La Renta.

DLAFW Founder, Lewis, feels that one of the most effective ways to be environmentally conscious is to re-use old(er) things. She also incorporated EcoNouveau into the DLAFW line up of event sponsors. She’s a believer in putting L.A. on the fashion world’s map. “I think there is a tremendous amount of talent in this city and it’s my mission to expose it the right way, L.A. style. Fashion, art and music fused together. The success of the event last week is the beginning of the future of fashion here in LA and will initiate the credibility Los Angeles deserves.”

Louver Collection ’09, Featured at DFWLA at the MOCA Contemporary Museum, Photo by Paige Donner

Speculation by the crowd was that this year was “fashion freer.” Freer in the sense that the corporate underwriting was no longer there [by Mercedes Benz, anyway] and that this therefore allowed the designers to “go a little crazy creatively” said some. Comparison of Louver’s new collection with last year’s reveals that he certainly showed a different side to his design spectrum. Co-host of DLAFW Cameron Silver commented that he has always been a huge fan of Louis Verdad and that “he was really the first designer to explore the 40’s in a modern way. I was excited to see his collection on display at MOCA for the evening. He’s a really, really talented designer.”

Battalion showed at the Los Angeles Theater the first weekend of Fashion Week as part of BoxEight’s Fashion Weekend. Its Native American themed collection had the crowd raving. This is an eco line that says Lights, Camera, Eco-Action…with Style! Battalion Collection PHOTOS of collection.

Lobby of Los Angeles Theater, National Historical Building, in Downtown L.A. where Eco-Line Battalion showed and also Society For Rational Dress along with Sahaaj, Photo by Paige Donner

L.A. Fashion Week attendees were enthusiastic about the downtown venues where the shows were held. A particular hit was the Los Angeles Theater where GenArt and BoxEight staged their shows. Theater’s rich history includes that its grand opening was attended by Charlie Chaplin and Albert Einstein. Women loved the roomy bathrooms which feature marble floors and an ornate, gilded makeup room.

See LA Pretty for more Fashion Week L.A. coverage.

CoLA FW’s Eksempel show, Photo by Paige Donner

GenArt’s Society for Rational Dress, Photo by Paige Donner

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