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Hemp Guitar, Make Some Noise For Earth Day!

For Earth Day, Make Some Noise!

What better with than this Electric Guitar made from Hemp!

Photo and Product Description courtesy Daryl Hannah’s Love Life Website.

Rock On Daryl and on the rest of the Love Lifers, Earth Lovers!


the worlds only hemp guitar

that’s right no trees!

this georgous electric guitar hand fabricated from hemp

hemp is one of the worlds most sustainable plants!!!

host free (no pesticides)+ needs very little water + on + on

(check out dhlovelife hemp vlog #8)

the organically shaped semi-acoustic electric guitar

body is made of hemp pulp

+ is not carved

or milled

like traditional guitars

mmm, sweet sounding + looking…

“we are the music makers + we are the dreamers of the dream”


price: 3525.00$

Recycle, Reuse, Rejoice!

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