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Vote the Environment 2010

Vote The Environment

This November 2nd, your vote in the mid-term elections will affect the air you breathe, the energy you use, the water you drink.

Your vote could affect not only the Gulf of Mexico, but your favorite river – not only the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge but your local bird sanctuary.

Your one vote could change the outcome of a vote in Congress. A Senate proposal in 2008 to drill in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge lost by only 14 votes.

Eighteen governorships, 10 Senate seats and 30 House seats are too close to call this year, not to mention countless other state and local races. Everyone elected will have an impact on our Earth.

Make your vote count.

  • Register to vote.
  • Know the environmental records of your candidates.
  • Vote the environment on Election Day.

Find simple, useful and informative election resources at

   An adult Brown Pelican gets evaluated upon his arrival at the International Bird Rescue Research Center in Fort Jackson, Louisiana. The IBRRC cleans birds covered in oil from the Deepwater Horizon wellhead. Photo: Daniel Beltra
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