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Produced By Conference 2011 At Disney Studios – Digital Is The New Green

By Gina Hall

Gina Hall
 is a Los Angeles-based writer. Follow her on Facebook.

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The third year of the Produced By Conference brought more than 2,200 people to the Disney lot in Burbank on June 4th and 5th. There was no shortage of star-powered panels and discussions on “green content” but the focus ultimately centered on emerging digital technology. The hope is that digital technology can usher in a more sustainable era to the industry by reducing our print and production materials and changing the distribution model from one that requires delivery of a print to one that is beamed into the theater or home.

Highlights of the conference included the Bleeding Green: Content with a Cause panel, which featured a conversation on developing documentary material with a green agenda. Panelists included Lesly Chilcott, producer of Waiting For ‘Superman’ and An Inconvenient Truth, and Fisher Stevens, producer of The Cove.

Again, the focus centered on how digital media has become the biggest asset to the “green filmmaker” in all areas; financing, raising awareness, filming and distribution. Twitter, Facebook and blogs have become the go-to method for finding an audience and online channels plus Netflix a preferred distribution outlet. The glut of eco-content has become an issue, but the overwhelming sentiment was one of optimism in getting these issues out to a broader audience.

Raising Your Tentpole proved to be another popular panel, apparently many aspiring to bypass the slow ascent to success and jump straight into developing and producing franchise faire. Panelists incl

uded Gale Anne Hurd, Bonnie Arnold and Kevin Feige, among others, as they discussed the ups and downs of creating content through the studio machine.


Perhaps more useful to the indie producer was the panel Plugged In: The Socially Networked Producer where Elias Plishner, Sony Senior VP of Digital Marketing who headed up the Social Network campaign, told the audience that it’s never too early to start engaging fans of your project through social media channels to build “pre-awareness.” Not surprisingly, the panel discussed how actors are cast based on their Twitter following as it is assumed that that will become part of the marketing package.


Meanwhile, in the conversation panel with Harvey Weinstein and Mark Gordon, the view on internet distribution and Video on Demand (VOD) was lukewarm. Both Weinstein and Gordon expressed that while it is the future, the current business model should continue to focus on the theatrical release.


A major announcement from the conference came from the CEO of Scenios, Mark Davis, who unveiled that their production management software will now be available entirely in “the cloud.” This type of platform will allow production teams to collaborate from pre-production through production and then into post and will include a collection of apps that manages items like the script, budget, locations, shoot schedule, call sheets, dailies and rough cuts.

With this movement toward cloud computing, digital distribution, and online marketing, the move toward the industry consuming less is yet to be seen. In the near future, the industry’s net consumption of paper screenplays, plastic DVD cases and oil to shuttle prints to theaters may go down, but electronics require a massive amount of conflict metals and create toxic eWaste (and let’s not get started on production offices and sets slow to phase out plastic water bottles and disposable Starbucks cups). 

Whatever the future may bring, it’s coming quickly and next year’s conference can’t come fast enough.

Gina Hall writes for publications such as Greening Hollywood, as a guest blogger, Culver City News, and TheScoopLA. She graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in Cinematic Arts and has worked in the entertainment industry on documentaries and features, as a development executive and as a writer. She works with environmental organization Global Green USA whose efforts are primarily focused on fighting global climate change through policies, advocacy and education. 


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Environmentalists Honored For Extraordinary Efforts

By Gina Hall
[Gina is a USC Film School Graduate. She works with Global Green USA and is a guest blogger for the Green Blog Network.]
Environmental nonprofit Global Green USA celebrated its 15th annual Millennium Awards at a star-studded fundraising gala at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows in Santa Monica on Saturday. Celebrity guests and presenters included Kyra Sedgwick, Kevin Bacon, Jamie Lee Curtis, Christopher Guest, Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr and Adrian Grenier. 

One of the evening’s high-profile honorees was actor Mark Ruffalo, recently nominated for the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for The Kids are Alright. Actress Laura Dern presented Ruffalo with his honor for his work to eliminate the controversial hydraulic fracturing, a.k.a., “hydrofracking,” a chemical process that fractures shale in order to retrieve oil and natural gas. The process, as seen in the Oscar-nominated documentary Gasland, has been shown to contaminate water supplies to the point of becoming flammable. Ruffalo has testified before Congress, arguing for a ban on the practice and has started his own foundation, Water Defense, to educate the public on the dangers of hydrofracking.


Ed Begley, Jr. was also among the honorees, for his work to inspire others to create a more sustainable world. Featured on the reality program, Living with Ed, the actor and Studio City resident has become associated with the ultimate in green living – even going as far as generating power for his home via stationary bicycle.  Other honorees included the Los Angeles Business Council for their work to encourage the use of solar power in the city, and Wendy Schmidt, founder of the Schmidt Family Foundation and the Wendy Schmidt Oil Cleanup X Prize. 

“Thanks to our sponsors, including Sprint, 360 Vodka and dozens more, Global Green raised over $470,000 to support our local and national initiatives,” noted Global Green’s Communications Director Ruben Aronin. 

“We are so excited to celebrate the impressive achievements of our 2011 Millennium Awards Honorees,” said Global Green President and CEO Matt Petersen. “It’s particularly auspicious to celebrate these leaders as World Environment Day approaches and we mark the one-year countdown to the Rio Earth Summit in 2012, when our global leaders will gather to make commitments to make our world more sustainable. Global Green will be marshaling its supporters to call for local and community-based approaches to solving climate change, including creating greener cities, schools and affordable housing for families.”

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Bringing Life to the Pre-Oscar® Party

By Gina Hall
“Ever help plan an Oscar® party?”

“Oh, sure. Lots of times. The key is having lots of snacks. I make an awesome veggie plate. It takes a lot of work, though. Like an hour to make. You need chips – no cheese puffs though. Orange stuff gets all over the fake ballots…”
“Um, no. A real Oscar® party. For Global Green USA. Green Carpet, celebrities, Hollywood venue, paparazzi. It’s for a great cause. No cheese puffs.”
I had been to a lot of Hollywood parties, living in Los Angeles it’s often part of your job. So the opportunity to go behind-the-scenes of Global Green’s 8thAnnual ecofriendly Pre-Oscar® Party peaked the interest of this writer. And as a part of this experience, it’s my privilege to fill you in on how this all goes down – and believe me it takes a lot of blood, sweat and organic vodka to ensure you, the partygoer, have a good evening.
Global Green is a national non-profit environmental organization committed to protecting the environment, stopping global climate change and nuclear proliferation, and making the world a safer, more sustainable place. It would be hard not to like these guys. And to add to the goodwill they put out into the world, they stage events, like the Pre-Oscar® Party, that put on a good show for the public all while using the proceeds for initiatives like rebuilding New Orleans and greening public schools.

The Pre-Oscar® party was conceived of by Global Green President Matt Petersen and Board member Sebastian Copeland who are chairs of this year’s event.  The annual party and fundraiser grew out of the success of Global Green’s Red Carpet Green Cars initiative which began in 2003 and has taken a who’s who of Oscar nominees and winners to the Academy Awards in fuel-efficient vehicles instead of gas-guzzling limousines.
The Pre-Oscar® party venue was a given — the Avalon Hollywood, where Global Green has held this event for the last several years. Historically, it was The Palace where The Rolling Stones, Prince and Nirvana had played before it was restored. Across from Capitol Records and in view of the Hollywood sign, it’s as iconic Hollywood as you can get.
Entertainment is also key. Events Manager Nina Storm, way cooler than me and hip to what the kids are listening to these days, spent some considerable time coordinating Global Green’s volunteer music committee while working her own connections and wound up with an enviable indie band line-up, featuring Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Portugal. The Man and Best Coast.
Of course, once you decide to throw a party, you need to make sure lots of people will turn out. And that’s where Director of Communications, Ruben Aronin, shines. If modern scientists ever needed proof that the singularity is near, they need look no further than Aronin who has seemingly merged with his desk phone and iPhone to coordinate many of the logistics of the event. Celebrity attendees, media coverage, sponsorships, and social media outreach all flow through him. And while a lesser man may crumble under the sheer volume of information he has to process in a day, Aronin is probably the most low-key guy in the office.


Then there’s the external coordination of the event team, publicists, web designers, graphic artists, videographers, party staff, and organic wine and alcohol deals – when it comes down to it, throwing a party is actually a pretty sobering experience.
But the reward comes February 23rd when it all comes to life. Daytime media events will unveil Global Green’s Model City Carbon Index, which demonstrates how cities like Los Angeles contribute 70% of our carbon emissions and includes action alerts on what you can do to help reduce that number. Celebrities, musicians and eco-luminaries will glide down a green carpet made from 100% sustainabile materials. A Red Carpet, Green Dress design competition created by Suzy Amis Cameron, wife of James, will be unveiled and helps to support sustainable fashion design. Sponsors, like Planters, Chevy Volt, Pureology and more than a dozen more will have displays showcasing some of the latest in green products and technology.
Organic cocktails, customized video loops and live Twitter feeds are all details that have been coordinated by someone on the Global Green staff. So if all of these people are prepared to put in an enormous effort to promote a message of sustainability, you might say that the cause is worth checking out. When you come to the party, take a moment to appreciate the atmosphere, the talent, the people and the cause behind the evening. And the next time you brag about the awesomeness of your veggie plate that takes a whole hour to make, just make sure it isn’t to someone who’s planned one of these things.



The celebrity host committee includes Orlando Bloom,Jim Carrey,  Rosario Dawson and Alison Brie as well as event committee members Eric GarcettiWalton GogginsMia Maestro, Oscar NomineeLucy WalkerDeirdre Wallace and Richard Wegman. Additional celebrity attendees include Carrie UnderwoodHayden PanettiereKara DioGuardiDane CookMaggie Grace, Oscar Nominee David O’Russell,Dr. Drew PinskyDana DelanySharon LawrenceYvonne Strahovski,Ian ZieringDaniel SunjataSam TrammelStephen DorffPaul StanleyDaniel PowterElizabeth RohmDaphne ZunigaGillian JacobsJonathan SadowskiAlexandra PaulLuke Matheny & Ryan SilbertThomas KretschmannEnrique Murciano and more.

WHAT: Global Green USA will host its 8th Annual Pre-Oscar® Party featuring special musical performances from Black Rebel, Portugal. The ManBest Coast, and DJ’s Jeremy Sole and Michael Smith.  The theme for this year’s event is “Greener Cities for a Cooler Planet” and willbenefit Global Green’s initiatives to promote smart solutions to climate change by creating healthy, green communities. The event will feature the debut of the nation’s first ever Model Carbon City Index tool



Tickets for this year’s Pre-Oscar Party are still available and you can follow all of the excitement at their twitter feed @globalgreenusa

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