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>Global Green USA Message From Matt Petersen


On Monday, I toured the coast of Louisiana, talked with media covering the BP oil spill, and met and talked with fishermen who are devastated by the impact. It was a sobering day.

The whole region seems to be holding its breath, waiting for the oil to hit the coast. Volunteers were waiting to help clean the birds and wildlife, but the need was limited to date. That day will come soon enough, and we are already seeing the impact upon the wildlife with turtles and dolphins dying in the last few days due to the spill.

   Also disturbing were the testaments of media stating they were being      prevented from getting to areas where the spill was worst, and documenting the disastrous impact. This should not be happening, and the reporters stated that it was BP officials holding them back.

The fishing community is in shock. Their lives and livelihoods are at risk. As one fishermen told us about watching the spill unfold, “Its like having a knife to your throat, and it is slowly cutting across.”

We need to create a cleaner future, and invest more urgently in renewable energy like wind and solar, and require higher standards for fuel efficient vehicles and mass transit to reduce our dependency on oil. We need to halt new offshore oil drilling, and ensure we are regulating BP and others more aggressively. We need to hold BP accountable to pay the full cost, and demand they not drag it out for 20 years as Exxon did after the Exxon Valdez disaster. We must demand that our federal government continue efforts now and in the future to ensure this never happens again.

But we also need to help the communities on the Gulf Coast now – please help Global Green respond today. This Sunday we are helping mothers and their families by sending volunteers to Grand Isle (one of the impacted fishing communities), and helping host a community cookout for this community of fishermen, mothers, grandmothers, and kids. We will also be delivering healthy food to those who are already in financial crisis due to the spill.

If you want to volunteer to go down and help on Sunday, please click here to learn more.

We are also helping their voices be heard – we are bearing witness to their struggles, and telling their stories. Watch this short video that tells the story of one fishing community and their fears, and their future. You will hear similar gut wrenching testaments to what I heard over and over on Monday.

Thank you for all you do in your community and for others in need.
Matt Petersen
President & CEO


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>Offshore Drilling. Is It The Right Choice?


By Jourdan, Posted Originally on People For Green Justice

Offshore Drilling – Is it the Right Choice?

This is a tough question.  My gut reaction is to say, “no, it’s not the right choice.”  However, I have to admit I don’t know all the details behind Obama’s recent announcement.  I know the basics, the information we’re allowed to have.  It’s the information we are not privy to that makes me have concerns about the motives behind this decision.  The risks and dangers that go along with offshore drilling seem too great to me.  If accidents didn’t happen and we were 100% secure that all would be well, I’m sure we could stand behind it to an extent.  But the reality is that we could ruin hundreds of miles of coastline, kill thousands of sea life and leave our oceans devastated.  The thought of what that picture looks like is too horrifying.  So in the end I have to say no.

Not that long ago Obama was saying “no” too.  That concerns me.  It’s a big swing in the opposite direction. How does that happen?  Unfortunately we call that politics and it’s a game with too many players at the table. Here is a video of Obama opposing offshore drilling just a little over a year ago.

VIDEO – Obama on Offshore Drilling

If this concerns you too, take a moment to send a letter to our president.  You can use the form letter or write your own.  I was hoping that once Obama was in office I could sit back, relax and feel confident that I could stand behind all his decisions.  That was me being naive and hoping to be politically lazy. Change is indeed gonna come and we need to be a driving force!

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>Barack Picks Paris As Running Mate


6.3 to 6.8 pounds (2.85 to 3.1 kg) of carbon emissions (GHG) per burger. Take it from us, that’s a lot!

Okay, so maybe we’re forecasting 2012 a bit early. But I’d hesitate to say that we’re completely jumping the gun. Think about it, Paris has already gotten Barack to adopt her energy plan. She launched her campaign bid on Funny Or Die during the last election season on a platform of energy policy reform that garnered her millions of viewers. She’s got the celeb quotient and the Hollywood machine already behind her, not to mention her independent source for campaign financing. And now she’s got Barack supporting her policy recommendations. Sounds like a match to me…Plus, we heard that our boy’s got a thing for Catholic girls who’ve done time. Or, maybe it’s just the handcuffs…
Here’s what Daily Beast has to say:

Paris Hilton Wrote Obama’s Energy Plan. Really.

by Benjamin Sarlin

Benjamin Sarlin is Washington correspondent for The Daily Beast. He previously covered New York City politics for The New York Sun and has worked for

How a 2008 campaign stunt became White House policy.

President Obama’s energy policy has evolved to include a multi-pronged attack, including expanded nuclear power, incentives to encourage low-emission vehicles, and now approval to explore for oil off America’s coasts. For those of you less politically inclined and more likely to get their news from TMZ, you might be wondering why you feel like you’ve heard it all before.

It’s because you have… from Paris Hilton. Yes, that Paris Hilton, who for a brief moment played a significant role in the 2008 showdown between Obama and John McCain. In response to McCain’s use of her image in the infamous “Celebrity” ad, which portrayed Obama as an insubstantial lightweight, Hilton recorded a video response for the site that included a fairly thoughtful energy plan with plenty of resemblance to the Obama plan now in place.  Read Complete Article HERE>>>

Here’s the Original Paris Video on FUNNY OR DIE, in case you’re one of the two people who haven’t yet seen it…And, speaking of movies, if you haven’t yet seen Idiocracy, run, don’t walk to your nearest video store to pick up a copy. Or PayPerView it. We suspect that someone is using it as the U.S.’s current political playbook. 

Can’t See THE VIDEO?  Click HERE>>>

Said Hilton in the video:

“Barack wants to focus on new technologies to cut foreign-oil dependency and McCain wants offshore drilling. Well why don’t we do a hybrid of both candidate’s ideas? We can do limited offshore drilling with strict environmental oversight while creating tax incentives to get Detroit making hybrid and electric cars. That way the offshore drilling carries us until the new technologies kick in, which will then create new jobs and energy independence. Energy crisis solved—I’ll see you at the debate, bi**hes.”

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