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>Celebrity Resolutions for 2011


Ten celebrities share their 2011 wishes for animals

The Humane Society of the United States [Originally Posted]

  • Colbie Caillat with her dog, Plum. The purebred golden retriever was found starving on a street in Taiwan and was adopted by Caillat. Yvonne Bennett/The HSUS


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>Stevia is A Super-Beauty Food


30 times sweeter than sugar, Stevia, the herb-derived non-caloric sweetener that has replaced those others recently, is actually a beauty remedy as well!

It comes from a small green plant (stevia rebaudiana) found in Paraguay, the native Guarani Indians have apparently always used it to sweeten their drinks.

It’s also good for fruit salads and to sweeten whipped cream!

For your beauty regimen, its ultra-sweet power gives it its super hydrating properties, particularly for your entire body. Its “steviosides” not only moisturize but also soften the skin. Melvita makes an exquisite blend of thym infused honey and stevia called Apicosma that reveals ultra-soft, creamy rich and touchable arms, legs and all-over. You can also try blending some of your own beauty Super Potions using packets of Stevia that you find at your health food store. 

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>Interview With Honoré des Prés Founder Christian David


Interview with Christian David, founder of Honoré des Prés natural perfumes from France and Greening Beauty Editor, Paige Donner.

GB: 1. What was your background before launching your natural perfume line?

I worked 9 years ago for DIOR in the cosmetics creation department.  At that time I worked with Hedi Slimane to launch Dior Homme Dermo System. Just before launching Honoré des Prés, I worked with Mr. and Mme. d’ Ornano for Sisley and while there discovered their natural and luxury beauty.

GB: 2. Please describe the tradition – metier – of perfume making in France. Is it something you are born into?

Yes, I remember all the launches 25 years ago … like Angel,  J’adore Dior … at this time we had to wait many years for a real novelty from the most beautiful houses of perfumes and it was always an event … We have had a lot of opportunity to preserve all the tradition and the metier of Perfume in France especially in Grasse. I work with Robertet , one of the most beautiful Perfume House in Grasse with such exceptional and natural ingredients … the transformation of all these beautiful and exquisite flowers is a real dream and secret ..

GB: 3. What inspired you to launch a natural perfume line?
To put this secret in the bottle, to explain to the whole world that it’s at this time possible to smell a real flower in your perfume and not just a compilation of chemicals ….
And of course, more than an inspiration but the unique possibility to launch such a special line of perfumes was the day when I met Olivia Giacobetti … one of the world’s top Noses.  For me definitely the best and the first, … without her, this magical story would never begin…

GB: 4. Describe the moment when you conceived of packaging your perfumes in a coffee cup?

You know, sometimes the story is written … this day, in New York after a Coffee  & Cupcake at Magnolia bakery in the West Village, the artistic Director of Honoré des Prés, Ms. Dominique,  looked over at me …. and showed me my Coffee Cup in my hand and, like a song in the street, smiled and said, “It will be the packaging for the NY Collection.”

I promise you that this night, when I took my flight from JFK to paris with this Paper Cup in my hand, I was so happy and excited because I knew now that this paper cup would be a part of the future. Six months later, we launched the collection at colette paris with a big Carrots Party !!!!

GB: 5. how do you see the state of the natural beauty market in France? the U.S.?
Definitely the Future, the Trend …. and the only solution to have new perfumes that don’t look to the others …. We know that so many houses are working on it ….

GB: 6. What does perfume represent to a woman, in your view?
For me , there are two possibilities …. the sensuality  or the intimacy ….the perfume has to be very feminine and sensual to increase the personality of women but it can be very light and intimate to propose a new way of pureness and philosophy …. these 2 opposites are for Honoré des Prés House the sensual Vamp à NY and the purity of Nu Green from the first collection. That is one of my favorites!

GB: 7. It’s courageous to launch a company – of any kind – in this economy. What gave you the motivation?

It’s like a dream. I absolutely don’t have the feeling  like I launched a company. I just know that we write the story of Honoré des Prés and everything that happens is like a new page of the book.  The perfume world is so magical !!! and the natural one will be emotional !

For more INFO or to purchase these natural perfumes, please click HERE.

Greening Beauty 




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>Great To Be The Next Big Thing


It’s hard to believe that Fashion Greats such as Dior, Givenchy, Chanel were ever once teenagers with a dream.  But as with all of us, we started somewhere.

Paris is the birthplace of fashion and during this Spring Summer ’11 Fashion Week season the strength of that tradition is seen all around the city, with brilliant shows being staged in the Tuileries, the Grand Palais, reclaimed convents as well as on rooftops and in basements.

Pedro Laurenco, 19 Year Old Brazilian Designer. Photo courtesy Vogue Talents.

The Pedro Laurenço show took place on the Quai Malaquais in the Salle Melpomène whose ceilings are at least 10 meters high and where the convex upper arches are adorned with French National Heritage paintings.

It’s always fun to be where The Next Big Thing is happening. Greening Hollywood was there twice this past week at the start of Paris Fashion Week and we weren’t alone…Vogue editors, notably the team from Milan were also there. Vogue Italian Editor Franca Sozzani is on a mission to support new and young designers and she has staffed her ranks with writers and editors who are fanned out across the city en force on this same mission.

Pedro Laurenço

The vibe at this show was so Brazilian, relaxed, genial. As the famous models pulled up in their taxis and chauffeured vehicles to make it to the show’s hour-delayed start-time, the crowd was full of kisses and Portuguese greetings.

Hairstylist Guido Pila – for Redken – pulled up on a chauffeured motorcycle,, one of the most brilliant urban transport systems I’ve seen in Paris. His driver stripped him of his helmet and motorcycle jacket as he dropped him off. [*Note this is the only Eco aspect of the show I’ve been able to discover byprint time.]

Nineteen-year-old Pedro’s father, Reinaldo, also a famous Brazilian fashion designer, greeted guests personally as they arrived.  Pedro who debuted for the first time in Paris only just earlier this year, is already pulling the stylemakers to his front row seatings and on only just the third day of the Paris Shows.

Pedro Laurenco Paris Spring Summer ’11. Photo courtesy Vogue, Talents. Go to for complete photos of October 1st Paris Show.

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>Green Sojourn In Paris And South of France


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>Sweat Shop Paris


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>Shampoo With A Message!


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>Oui, Oui Greening Paris


Green Is Glam

Madame Le Figaro, France’s premier intelligent women’s magazine, declares that Green Is Glam, even for haute fashionista Parisians!  Read about Greening Hollywood and Green Celebs such as Cameron Diaz and Julia Roberts in the June issue of Madame Le Figaro.

Shizen: the new magazine for eco friendly trends

Originally Posted by X.M.

Here comes the all brand new eco friendly magazine, Shizen, which happens to be a goldmine of information for all eco friendly citizens! Well written, and with a good dose of humor, Shizen is printed with vegetal ink, on recycled paper, and wants to give a positive image of women, with in depths articles about major environmental problems. As an example  , the last articles talked about the devastation of the Brazilian forest in favor of cattle breeding (When the beefs eat the Amazonian forest) and about the hidden side of our beauty products (Are we in danger when we pamper ourselves?). You can also upload Shizen in pdf version (a good gesture for the planet).

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>Greening Paris: Hotel Gavarni In The Parisian Chic 16th Arrondissement


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