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>Sex And The City 2 Turns Up The Fun, but it’s a green "miss"


By Ann Murray

[Ann is a Hollywood entertainment reporter who currently works in-house at a Major Movie Studio]

The Sexy and successful green ladies of Los Angeles were out in full force on Friday night to celebrate the opening of ‘Sex and the City 2’ at the beautiful Shangri-la hotel in Santa Monica, sponsored by The Party Goddess.

Sexy In Abu Dhabi, Sex And The City 2

The event began with a pool-side rendezvous, where ladies mingled and took in drinks poured out of special edition SATC SKYY Vodka bottles, snapped fun pics at the SATC photo booth, were pampered with massages and gift bags, and signed up for a raffle to win signed Christian Louboutins to benefit the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Los Angeles Louboutin Shoe Raffle, Sex And The City 2 Charity Benefit, Photo courtesy Ann Murray

The night was followed by a special screening of the film at the Laemmle 5 theater.

While everyone was excited that carrie bradshaw was back in business and in a beautiful and exotic Abu Abu Dhabi, not everyone at the party agreed that the film was very environmentally friendly.

Natasha told us that she wasn’t so sure Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte needed so many cars during their desert vacation.

In one scene, the ladies are picked up by four – count em’ – four private cars to take them from the airport to their luxurious hotel. “They should have only used one car,” told us Natasha at the afterparty. “I’m not sure that was as efficient or green as it should have been. All four ladies would have fit comfortably in just one car.”

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Sex And The City at The Shangri-La Hotel, Los Angeles. Photo Courtesy Ann Murray.

Natasha’s friend Yarad suggested that the amount of food during their Abu Dhabi feast was a bit too out of touch  – particularly during  a scene when the  four ladies sit around a table with enough food fit for fifteen people. “All that food that they had, it was too much for just four women. What about the starving people around the world? or even Down the street from their hotel?” she said, adding “I would feel overwhelmed and maybe embarrassed to have all that food around.”

Was it really that necessary to drive “8 time zones” across the world – as Carrie said – to take in a little luxury? Other guests suggested Carrie and the gang should have stayed at a location closer to home and opted against carbon footprint-heavy jets, like beautiful main or New Hampshire, or even a short romp to Miami.

Sex And The City 2 shot in Abu Dhabi. Photo courtesy Ann Murray.

But there are a few things that save the film’s carbon footprint. In a key scene from the film, Carrie tells a shoe salesman that she doesn’t need a plastic bag for her new pair of incredibly inexpensive shoes, as she stuffs them in her purse.

At the afterparty, Jennifer agreed with this. “That was a great tiny step that Carrie did that makes a huge difference, because plastic bags are incredibly wasteful and take hundreds of years to break down,” she said.

Sex And The City pics. Photo courtesy Ann Murray.

And in the last few scenes of the film – scenes we don’t want to spoil  for you – Carrie and her best girlfriends show that they maybe didn’t need all of that waste after all, because all they ever really needed was back home with their friends and families.

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>Lady Gaga And The Military, How To Make A Good Marriage


Okay, so we’re the first to admit that from time to time reporting on environmental disasters can become a bit of a downer.  So in light of that point, we acknowledge there’s a need to keep us all in laughter – even if it’s just so we can keep carrying on.

Please click on LINK or IMAGE below to watch the video.

Watch U.S. Military Men Spoof Lady Gaga Telephone Music Video!

These points of comic relief are in no way meant to trivialize the issues at hand, just an attempt to see the lighter side of  life’s moments.

This week, we owe credit to our Military Men in Uniform for not one but two stellar examples of Military Technology put to good environmental use. [We would advocate that laughter creates positive energy. And energy is, of course, an environmental issue. J ]

In video Number One you’ll see Malibu Melcher and his mates gettin’ their groove on to Lady Gaga’s Telephone.  Since posting last week, this Video Spoof has gotten nearly 4.4 million hits so far – that means it’s gone viral. Melcher commented on a recent radio interview that he owes his sense of fun to having “Two mothers.” Hnh? Two? Do the mothers know about this?!

Can’t See The VIDEO? Click HERE.

In Video Number Two, you’ll see A Better Marriage Blanket.  This video addresses a different sort of Greenhouse Gas Emission, indeed even a different sort of Wind Energy.

This is the brainchild of a former military man who has patented this product using military chemical weapons protection technology. In one sentence: How to sleep odor-free even after eating that can of beans!


How To Make A Better Marriage Bed. Better Marriage Blanket Video Gone Viral!

Greening Hollywood and Green Blog Network say Thanks! Military Men in Uniform. Stay safe, stay good, and always keep your sense of humor – we love you for it and all that you do!

The Green Blog Network

Greening Hollywood

Green Blog Network Greening Vancouver

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>Fran’s Clean Cars Rule!


Senator Pavley with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson at White House announcement of new federal emission standard for cars based on Pavley’s bill.

Picture Gallery Here >>>

California’s 2002 law, AB 1493 by then Assemblymember Fran Pavley, (now Senator Pavley), allows California to enact and enforce emissions standards to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from automobiles. But we had to fight for that right.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has been one of the biggest champions of the law, if not the biggest,  had this to say after the Obama Administration announced it has adopted a clean cars rule modeled after California’s first-in-the-nation vehicle emissions standard:

“Thanks to the leadership of the White House, the federal government is following California’s example and announcing tough national standards for cleaner cars. These new nationwide standards will drive car companies to provide cleaner automobiles that will create jobs and save consumers money at the pump. This is not only great news for consumers who will see a wider choice of clean, efficient cars in their showrooms, but also for all Americans who will see lower emissions, better environmental protection and greater energy security.”

Since taking office, the Governor has aggressively pursued the enforcement of California’s 2002 law, AB 1493 by then Assemblymember (now Senator) Fran Pavley, which allows California, independent of the Federal Government,  to enact and enforce emissions standards to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from automobiles. The state filed a lawsuit against the U.S. EPA in 2008 to overturn its decision denying California’s waiver request to enforce the state’s emission standards after the California Air Resources Board requested the waiver in 2005. The U.S. EPA granted California’s waiver in June 2009.  For a complete chronology on the bill, Click HERE >>>.

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