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>Environmental Champions Award by EWG


[From Sen.Pavley]

Environmental Champions Award Snowflake
Sen. Pavley’s Chief of Staff, Liz Fenton, with singer/songwriter/activist Bonnie Raitt at EWG awards ceremony. Photo courtesy of Claudine Gossett/Drew Altizer Photography
Sen. Pavley’s Chief of Staff, Liz Fenton, with singer/songwriter/activist Bonnie Raitt at EWG awards ceremony. Photo courtesy of Claudine Gossett/Drew Altizer Photography

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>The Story of Cosmetics – Sneak Peek!


From: Campaign for Safe Cosmetics
July 14, 2010

We’re almost there! Just one week from today, with your help, “The Story of Cosmetics”, a short film about toxic chemicals in cosmetics, will be released around the world. Watch the trailer now:

We’ve partnered with Annie Leonard and Free Range Studios – the creators of “The Story of Stuff ” – to release this 7-minute movie online on July 21, just in time to help build momentum for the introduction of groundbreaking safe cosmetics legislation in Congress.

We have the opportunity to reach millions of people around the world with “The Story of Cosmetics”, creating a wave of support for an effective, common-sense law that will ensure all cosmetics and personal care products are safe.

Earlier this month we asked you to help launch this film – and we’ve been blown away by your response so far.


THANK YOU to everyone who has already who’s already donated and offered to spread the film far and wide! Because of you, we’re almost halfway to our goal of raising the money we need to put the finishing touches on the movie and create opportunities for viewers to turn their learning into action. But we’re not there yet!

In the past six years, with your help, we’ve educated millions of people around the world about the problem of harmful chemicals in products like lipstick, cologne, soaps and even baby shampoos – and together we’re shifting the market toward healthier alternatives.

Now, for the first time in 70 years, we have a real chance at national legislation that would eliminate chemicals linked to cancer and birth defects from the products women, men and children put on their bodies every day.

Thank you for everything you’re already doing to give the beauty industry a makeover. Stay tuned!

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>California Children Win


From California Sen. Pavley’s Newsletter

Web site:

I’m thrilled to report that California’s children scored a major victory this month as the State Assembly voted to pass my bill that would ban toxic BPA from items such as baby bottles, sippy cups, and formula cans. The “Toxics-Free Babies and Toddlers Act” (SB 797), which would work in coordination with California’s Green Chemistry Initiative to ban the use of BPA in feeding products designed for children three and under, now moves back to the Senate for concurrence before heading to the governor’s desk.

This was a real David and Goliath fight. The chemical and pharmaceutical industries waged an expensive and shamefully deceptive war to kill my bill. But in the end, my colleagues in the Assembly sided with children and with science and voted to protect our most vulnerable citizens.

Bisphenol-A (BPA) is an artificial hormone that is widely used in shatter-proof plastic baby bottles, sippy cups and the lining of formula cans. It leaches out of containers and into food and drink consumed by babies and young children. More than 220 peer-reviewed studies have linked BPA to a host of health problems, including breast and prostrate cancer, infertility, obesity, and neurological and behavioral changes, including autism and hyperactivity.

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