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>Greening Malibu: Malibu’s Rising Tide


By Sara Marie Paul

Malibu, March 13, 2010  – Last Saturday CSA rocked the house at event for Kofi, long-time Malibu resident and record-producer, who is running for Malibu City Council.   We were asked to donate some food, however, I decided to take it to the next level.  I brought the healing arts!  I rolled in there with 5 chefs, including myself, 2 healers….3 counting Angel, and about 20 of my eco warrior buddies.  After listening to the presentation about the environmental issues in Malibu, I began to realize more about my mission here on Earth.   With 15 years experience in gathering people and resources, it is finally all coming together.  It’s all about enjoying life and being together.   I sang my heart out with the violin guy!  He was so great.  And of course Point Dume was amazing.  I look forward to my return. 
Sara’s Green Oscar Round-Up

Global Green USA Pre-Oscar Party Entertainment
Mac Africa Oscars Viewing Party
My long-time friend, Mac Africa, put on her 11th annual Oscars viewing party at the Beverly Hilton on Sunday afternoon. There was a silent auction and 5-course-meal. I popped in there with my eco kids just in time to see The Cove win for best documentary, which was the highlight of my night.  I saw the film at Sundance last year and spent some time with the cast and crew.  And even though I am a food warrior and Food Inc. was up against them, I was still rooting for them to win.   How could anyone kill a dolphin?   We are in serious trouble if that doesn’t change soon.

Alternative T-Shirts at Global Green USA 2010
Alive Expo Green Pavilion

Alive Expo Green Pavilion is an eco-luxury education suite that takes place during Oscars, Emmy’s, and Sundance.  I’ve been working with these women for the last year and have helped to enhance their event with great food. Here we are for the 2010 pre-Oscars event at the London Hotel.  I was so swamped all weekend!  Stephen Bender, the new superman, said that that our blood oranges “were the best swag he every got!”  My friend,who hooked up the 360 vodka, was mixing it with wheat grass!  And they had gin too, which I have to say tastes very good with wheat grass.   I never took an interest in gin because I hate tonic water.  After seeing that it has high fructose corn syrup, now I know why.
The room had a decent buzz and my daughter Angel and her pals Cree and Jai had a blast.  They are the next generation of eco soldiers!

“World Peace through Sustainable Individualism”

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>Greening Hollywood And Oscar’s Causes


From The Cove to Haven House to Getty House, L.A. people were out in full force all week leading up to Oscar Weekend.  Advocacy of important, social issues seemed to take home the crowning glory this year – dolphin advocates and their plea for the humane treatment of animals, human rights advocates and their plea for the humane treatment of humanity [like Sandra Bullock] and the right to tell the story when they observe otherwise. Peace advocates, like Kathryn Bigelow…Green advocates, like James Cameron…

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