>The Science of Fun – June 2010


By Tommy Rosen

[Tommy is co-producer of Eco Gift Expo, Santa Monica, among myriad other awesome things…]

Tommy at Blue Spirit

A little over a year ago, my uncle was diagnosed with a dangerous form of Cancer known as Mantle Cell Lymphoma.  Over the next 12 months our family bore witness as he underwent a difficult and complex chemotherapy regimen, which would take him to the brink of death before rebuilding his system through the injection of his own stem cells.

(above: Tommy Rosen Zip-Lining to Lunch on Necker Island)

My uncle’s great attitude never wavered through the process.  He got out of the hospital in record time and over the following 3 months worked hard to regain his full strength.  There is no more cancer in his body.

He called me on the phone shortly after his “re-birth” to let me know he had done something “out of character.”  “Cool,”  I said, “What did you do?”  He stated plainly, “I have rented Richard Branson’s private island for our whole family and we’re going there at the end of April.  Can you make it?”  “Uhhh, let me think for a minute on that one…Yep, I can make it.”

Sir Richard Branson has mastered the financial side of being Human.  With all of his success, he can manifest just about anything he wants.  On Necker Island, he has manifested an homage to the Science of Fun.  He has truly created a place devoted to the development of a light-heart. Everyone of us had the single best vacation of our lives.  It was special on every level.  We felt uplifted, inspired, relaxed and my goodness did we have fun together.

Perhaps the most surprising part of our trip was to be joined at dinner by Sir Richard himself.  After spending time with such an affable and gracious man and experiencing firsthand the island he chooses to call home, I was filled with gratitude that someone with his consciousness has been so successful.


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