>Young Hollywood Awards: Young Celebs Go Green On Set And At Home


Jonas Brothers at Young Hollywood Awards, May 13, 2010. Photo Courtesy Greening Hollywood. Subject to Copyright

By Alex Shekarchian
The 2010 Young Hollywood Awards, presented by Hollywood Life and hosted by Mario Lopez, was full of young celebs doing their part to green Hollywood at home and on set.  The event itself did its part, making a huge step this year by sending out all paperless invites.  Over 700 invites were sent out and 1,250 attendees all confirmed digitally, saving tons of trees this year.  For more information on how you can send paperless invites for your upcoming events visit PaperlesspPost.
Young Hollywood Artist of the Year winner, Nick Jonas, has been an avid environmentalist for years. Earth Day on April 22, 2008, Nick helped the kids at Ricardo Lizarraga Elementary School plant trees and shrubs around the school campus.  In 2009, Nick was a part of Disneys Friends for Change campaign where he urged kids to Switch it, Pool it, unplug it, calling out for kids to turn off lights when they are not using them, car pool when they can, and unplug their phones when they are not charging them.
Nick says that since he drinks a lot of red bull he recycles those cans and adds that he turns off the lights whenever he leaves a room.  In addition to giving us these tips he also promotes a greener Hollywood by wearing green converse and using a green guitar.

The Cast of Vampire Diaries was awarded the Young Hollywood Cast to Watch Award and if you are watching them you will see they are doing their part to help the environment. Sarah Canning, Nina Dobrev and Zach Roerig recently shot a green diary for the Increase Your Green campaign from dosomething.org and sponsored by HP, which mobilized 147,000 teens to green their schools nationwide.  Between February 1, and Earth day April 22, 2010, teens from over 1,300 schools across the country recycled over 650,000 lbs of paper and 330,000 lbs of plastic and saved 5.6 million kWh of energy. Go to DoSomething.org for more information on this great organization.  Also, visit IncreaseYourGreen.org to view the winning schools.

Sara Canning, Vampire Diaries. Watch her “Green Diaries.” Photo Courtesy Greening Hollywood. Subject to Copyright.

In their green diary, Sarah Canning, Nina Dobrev and Zach Roerig give five tips on how they are green by reducing waste, conserving water, shopping locally, recycling clothes, and using alternative transportation.  Sarah talks about what she does on set to be more eco-conscious.  She brings her own Tupperware, instead of using plastic utensils and paper plates on set.  Also, her and Vampire Diaries co-star Kayla Ewell recycle their clothes by donating dresses to DonateMyDress.org. Nina Dobrev who also was awarded Young Hollywoods making their Mark Award adds that Sarah and her carpool to the set.  Check out their green diary here:

Twilight’s Booboo Stewart who was presenting and accepting the Young Hollywood’s Award for Newcomer of The Year to Justin Bieber who could not be there shared with us that he used to have a problem turning off the lights; however, now he makes sure that he turns off the light after he leaves each room.  His whole family does their part by making sure to conserve water when watering the lawn and cleaning their horses while at their ranch.
Other Young Celebs at the awards ceremonies shared with us what they do at home and on set to be more green. Young Hollywoods Comedian of The Year recipient Whitney Cummings states that since TV shows go through 10 different drafts they are trying to do everything digitally now to save paper because of al the re-writes and script updates they save a lot of trees by using I pads and Kindles on her TV shows and when writing her sets.  Whitney adds that she conserves electricity and carpools to sets.

Josie Loren recycles her scripts.

Star of ABC Familys Make it or Break it,”Josie Loren, also does her part to deal with the tons of re-writes she gets on the set of her show.  Josie says that she gets tons of rewrites, sides, schedules and scripts.  I save all those papers in a drawer and at the end of each week I put them in a recycle bin. Josie adds that she bought a water bottle that I bring to set every day so that Im not going through numerous plastic water bottles.
The Young Cast of ABCs hit show Modern Family do their part at home and on set as well.  The shows Ariel Winter talks about how on set they have a sign over their recycling bin that says, RECYCLE OR DIE and she adds that while at home she makes sure to turn off the faucet when brushing her teeth and unplugs the toaster when it is not being used.
Modern Familys Rico Rodriguez and his sister Raini Rodriguez, star of Paul Bart Mall Cop tell us while at home they go twice every week to the recycling center with trash bags full of bottles and plastic to recycle.
Josh Sussman of Foxs hit show, Glee was on the red carpet with his eco-stylist Phu Styles who will be donning Josh in a completely eco-friendly machine washable fully sustainable suit for the upcoming MTV Movie Awards; which you can check out at Bagir.com.
Maiara Walsh of ABCs Desperate Housewives told us how she recycles like a mad woman if it has a recycle symbol on it she recycles it.  She also drives a Prius and has changed all of her light bulbs out.
Fellow cast mate, Charlie Carver says, the young cast member of Desperate Housewives appealed to the show’s producers to get biodegradable cutlery from craft services. The utensils they use on set are made out from cornstarch and they bring their own water bottles to the set.

For more on how the Young Celebs of tomorrow green Hollywood at home and on set check out our red carpet footage of the event, which includes interviews from above Celebs as well as Matthew Levy from Foxs The Sons of Anarchy the Last Exorcism Director, Daniel Stamm and the movies star Ashley Bell, and critically acclaimed Billboard Artist, Matisse.
Alex Shekarchian is LA based, very interested in creating a greener Hollywood and looks to make films in a greener way. This was his first assignment for Greening Hollywood.

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