>Lady Gaga And The Military, How To Make A Good Marriage


Okay, so we’re the first to admit that from time to time reporting on environmental disasters can become a bit of a downer.  So in light of that point, we acknowledge there’s a need to keep us all in laughter – even if it’s just so we can keep carrying on.

Please click on LINK or IMAGE below to watch the video.

Watch U.S. Military Men Spoof Lady Gaga Telephone Music Video!

These points of comic relief are in no way meant to trivialize the issues at hand, just an attempt to see the lighter side of  life’s moments.

This week, we owe credit to our Military Men in Uniform for not one but two stellar examples of Military Technology put to good environmental use. [We would advocate that laughter creates positive energy. And energy is, of course, an environmental issue. J ]

In video Number One you’ll see Malibu Melcher and his mates gettin’ their groove on to Lady Gaga’s Telephone.  Since posting last week, this Video Spoof has gotten nearly 4.4 million hits so far – that means it’s gone viral. Melcher commented on a recent radio interview that he owes his sense of fun to having “Two mothers.” Hnh? Two? Do the mothers know about this?!

Can’t See The VIDEO? Click HERE.

In Video Number Two, you’ll see A Better Marriage Blanket.  This video addresses a different sort of Greenhouse Gas Emission, indeed even a different sort of Wind Energy.

This is the brainchild of a former military man who has patented this product using military chemical weapons protection technology. In one sentence: How to sleep odor-free even after eating that can of beans!


How To Make A Better Marriage Bed. Better Marriage Blanket Video Gone Viral!

Greening Hollywood and Green Blog Network say Thanks! Military Men in Uniform. Stay safe, stay good, and always keep your sense of humor – we love you for it and all that you do!

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