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DJ Cobra started playing the new single “City of Angles” at the Capcom Celebration for the Launch of Lost Planet 2 and noticed Seth eyeing the crowd for reaction… Looks like  Seth “Shifty” Binzer was pleasantly surprised – he may be heading for another number 1 single!

Olivia Munn was the perfect host of the Capcom Celebration of the Launch of Lost Planet 2 video game – in between announcing the different rounds of the tournament and starting an impromptu karaoke session with fans, Munn hopped off the stage to sign autographs and pose for pictures with partygoers.

Nickelodeon hunk Robbie Amell, in stripes, from True Jackson, VP  tweeted, “Off to Anchorage, Alaska tomorrow to help a great cause. Can’t wait! Go to NoChildGoesHungry.org to find out more!”

While female fans tried to get the attention of the newest member of the Twilight wolfpack, 16 yr. old, Booboo Stewart was more focused on learning how to play the new Capcom Lost Planet 2 video game at the launch party at the Roosevelt Hotel – eventually he’ll know to pay a little more attention to the girls.

Girls Next Door’s Shannon twins debuted new boys last night at the Capcom Lost Planet 2 launch party at the Roosevelt, and they were nothing like their recent fella Hugh Hefner.

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