>Greening Hollywood: Green Warriors

Green Warriors is a book published by The Rand Corporation,
commissioned by the United States Army.

"Prompted by the growing importance of environmental considerations in
military operations, the Army Environmental Policy Institute (AEPI) asked
RAND to examine how the Army approaches this issue in overseas
contingency operations…".

The book's 228 pages are full of statistics and operational objectives
of the U.S. Army focused primarily on mitigating environmental impacts
of overseas operations, here the focus is mostly on Iraq, and also
addresses some of the challenges that the Army faces in its environmental
objectives such as when barracks are classified as temporary and yet
remain servicing troops for several years.

To classify such installations as semi-permanent would allow for greater
environmental program objectives to be installed and carried out.  So the book,
on many points, strives to be candid not only about achieved objectives but
also on what needs to be addressed to better carry out these objectives.

In Addison D. Davis IV's article, "Beyond An Inconvenient Truth: The
Army's March Toward Operational Sustainability,"
he underlines the
army's motto of a "triple bottom line."  The Triple Bottom Line consists
of mission, environment and community. Davis is Deputy Assistant
Secretary of the Army for Environment, Safety and Occupational Health. 
He writes, "the contributions of the military community can have a profound
effect on the environment, through recycling of household and commercial
waste, reduction of consumables, carpooling and other initiatives that
reduce unnecessary use of materials."

Green Warriors notes, and illustrates with graphs and surveys, that
consistently the #1 environmental issue of concern for Iraqis is clean
drinking water. 

Book has a glossary and index.  For example, the definition of Black Water: 
Water that has been mixed with waste from the toilet.

Interesting that such a prominent Security Firm in overseas operations
would have taken that as its, now infamous, company name.

I wonder what the young Hollywood set, as in Paris and Brittany, might
have to say about Black Water and the importance of clean water as
a U.S. environmental policy?

Green Warriors can be downloaded from this site: http://www.aepi.army.mil/

It has prompted me to want to read how the U.S. Army and other branches of
our military are ensuring safe, clean drinking water for our citizens domestically.

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